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Stretches for Upper Back Pain in Between Shoulder Blades Ottawa Chiropractor

Upper back pain can be really stressful. Click below and download a PDF guide to some of the best stretches for upper back pain, that targets in between your shoulder blades.

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stressed out stretches for upper back pain

stretches for upper back pain

Because of COVID-19 more people than ever are working from home in Ottawa.  Let’s face it you’ve done your best to adapt your home to copy your office but the kitchen table and chair isn’t cutting it. Since reopening my chiropractic clinic last week (after a 74 day shut-down), makeshift ergonomics has been the number one issue plaguing my patients.

I can’t get into your kitchen to adjust your chair, but I hope these stretches for upper back pain and neck pain help. By the way, I know you may not characterize it as pain – some of you have called it upper back tension or neck tension…either way – these stretches should help.

As an aside – this study  looked at the usefulness of ergonomic assessments and interventions (spending $$ on chairs and desks) compared to ergonomics and work-stress reduction.  Result: ergonomic interventions proved effective.

Also cool – this video…starring “moi” where upper back meets Mr Lacrosse ball.  It’s one of my first-ever videos…so be nice. 🙂
how to get rid of upper back pain

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