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It happens. You will enjoy some improvements and then, maybe for no good reason, it seems like you are back to the beginning. How can that be? “I have the best chiropractor in Ottawa !” When you look at the stock market, the line is wiggly.  There are “up” days and there are “down” days.  […]

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As a chiropractor in Ottawa, I’ve watched as most of the Ottawa workforce has moved from nicely controlled, ergonomically refined workspaces to working from home. As a result… A tidal wave of upper back pain and pain in between the shoulder blades. This video shows one simple DIY routine to help alleviate upper back pain […]

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The best pillow for your neck is the Obasan pillow (in my opinion). Chiropractors in Ottawa are always being asked, "Which pillow is the best for my neck?" When I visit chiropractors near me, a lot of them agree. Obasan. Most of us have them on our bed. I have never been a fan of [...]

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