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When The Pain Comes BACK!

It happens. You will enjoy some improvements and then, maybe for no good reason, it seems like you are back to the beginning. How can that be? “I have the best chiropractor in Ottawa !”

When you look at the stock market, the line is wiggly.  There are “up” days and there are “down” days.  Sometimes there are BIG down days…but the market always bounces back.  But you have to play the long game.

It’s kind of the same thing we see in recovering your health.

The line shown below happens to be the market price for Amazon stock over time.

There are good days and less-good days…but over time – it’s all good.


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Now pretend that the line represents your health recovery. You started at the bottom where it says “You are here”, you enjoy some relatively early improvements. You have less pain, sleeping is improved and you have confirmed that you have the best chiropractor in Ottawa. 😎

Then…it happens.  You have an inevitable setback. To make matters worse, you can’t think of anything you did to “deserve it”.

It’s discouraging but pretty normal.

When it happens…be assured you are in good company.  It happens to most people.  Just like investing in the market, you are better off playing the “long game”.  If and when a setback happens, make sure to let me know.  If your next appointment isn’t for another week or two, the best thing to do is call and move your appointment forward to the next day if possible.  Just because your next appointment is not officially for another week or so…you aren’t banished until then.

Call us and get in asap.

What to expect going further.

Your body is a living thing…and like all living things, it has ways to cope with its’ environment.  For example, a fever is inconvenient but it is a mechanism your body has to cope with infection. Muscle spasm is painful but it is a mechanism for your muscles to act as a “cast” to protect other more delicate structures (like nerves and ligaments).

Your body is really good and healing itself.  When your body is under too much emotional and physical stress, it starts to lose its’ ability to heal.  Chiropractic care is not intended to ensure that you never have pain again…it is intended to relieve some of the physical stresses in your spine allowing your body to right itself more easily.

What that means for you is you can expect that you will have some relapses – but instead of being stuck with pain and disability for weeks or months – it can be as little as hours or a few days.  Chiropractic helps your body heal itself.

Play the long game, don’t panic if (when) you have a relapse, trust the process.

Here for you 100%

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PS – be sure to head over to the “Self Help” section of the website. There’s lots of DIY goodies there.

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