Meet Dr. Paul Groulx

Ottawa Chiropractor : Dr. Paul Groulx

I’m just like you…

I know what it means to suffer from back pain and what it means to look for back pain relief in Ottawa.

In the late 1980’s I was thrilled to begin an exciting career as a paramedic.  One afternoon, a routine emergency call changed everything. It was at the end of a long string of shifts and I was tired. I injured my spine in a way that that threatened my career. It was agony.

Our three-step process

When you’re feeling great, life is just easier isn’t it?  But you can take pain-killers and feel great…  You want more than that. You want to get at the core of the problem and correct it so it never comes back.  You want to be solid, balanced and healthy in the truest form of the word.

You want to be able to “keep up” at work, keep up with the house, the kids, the gym…It’s hard when your body isn’t working like it should.  There is too much to do, see and accomplish to let stiffness, pain and ill-health slow you down.

I am just like you.

My own health journey has led me to develop a three-step process to not only recover from pain but to stay solid, balanced and productive.

Consider me to be your guide.

Dr. Groulx is a licensed Chiropractor in the province of Ontario and registered with the College of Chiropractors of Ontario.