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How Chiropractors in Ottawa Want You to Get Out of Bed Without Causing MORE Back Pain

Chiropractors in Ottawa are constantly being asked “How did my back get so bad?”, or “Why does my neck hurt like this?”

Rarely is it a single event that created the damage but rather an accumulation of small stresses and traumas that eventually take their toll.

[The full video is at the bottom of the post. At the time that I wrote this blog post, it has been seen more than 17,ooo times on Facebook.]
People have gotten a real giggle out of it.

When I was still a Chiropractic student I thought an Ottawa Chiropractic practice would be filled with car accident victims, labourers and construction workers. People I considered to be really hard on their body.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

The vast majority of people who come to see me are those who have no idea how they got to be in a place where they find themselves in our office.

Getting out of bed is a simple enough task but when done incorrectly, it can be one of those micro-traumas that can cause chronic back pain. Here is a step my step process on how to do it without wrecking your back.

Step One.

Make your way onto your side. Most people can do this even when they are in a lot of pain.

Step Two

Allow your legs to fall off the edge of the table as shown. There should be little to no pressure in your lower back.

Step Three

Place the heels of your hands together like this.

Step Four

Push your hands together and get up!

Watch the video and use the comments section to tell me which “Disaster Method” you use to get out of bed!

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