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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy in Ottawa

There are four different pain patterns that are common in pregnant women and why women will seek chiropractic care during pregnancy in Ottawa.

1. “Generic” back pain during pregnancy. That’s the kind of pain that goes straight across your lower back, and it may favor one side or the other but that’s where it stays. It doesn’t radiate anywhere – it is isolated to the lower back.

This is the leading reason why women will seek out chiropractic care during pregnancy in Ottawa.

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2. Sciatic Pain. This is more complicated than generic pain and more serious.

The sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in your body, and it emerges from inside your pelvis, down to the back of your leg and into your feet and toes.

Sometimes sciatic pain will only travel part way down your leg.

If you’re listening to this and this sounds like you, then that may be some sciatic pain that you’re experiencing.

That was Kristel. She falls into three of the four categories of back pain in pregnant women. She suffers from generic back pain, sciatic pain and she also has something called…

3. Undifferentiated pelvic pain. Undifferentiated pelvic pain is pain or a “pull” often felt in the groin.

More than likely this is coming from something called the “round ligament”.

I want you to imagine that your uterus is a little bit like the canvas on a trampoline. Around the trampoline, you’ve got all these different springs.

Your uterus is held in place by a number of different ligaments, a little bit like that trampoline canvas.

The round ligament is a very special ligament that plays a huge role in supporting your uterus in the proper place. If there’s tension on that round ligament, you might feel it on one side or the other radiating from the lower abdomen to the groin.

The good news, it that the tension on the round ligament can be reduced through Chiropractic adjustments to the pelvis as you saw in the video. The adjustments are very gentle and very safe.

4. Pubic symphysis pain. This last pain pattern is probably in a tie with sciatic pain with how debilitating it can be.

Pubic symphysis pain occurs just below your bladder and is described as a burning pain.

It is worsened when you are trying to get into or out of bed or any movement where your legs come apart (getting into a tub etc…).

It’s very common in pregnancy and very very treatable with Chiropractic care. The adjustments are very gentle.

This video is of Andrea who had pubic symphysis pain in both of her pregnancies and shows what a chiropractic adjustment during pregnancy looks like specifically for this type of pain.

Here is what I’d like you to do next. Share this blog post on social media so pregnant moms can get this information and maybe it will lead them to relief. If you are suffering, call us for a consultation. We can meet in my office in person or over the phone, whichever you prefer. Ask as many questions as you like. (613) 224-5400 -Dr Paul Groulx

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