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3-Ways to Totally Mess-Up Your Chiropractic Adjustment

I could have called this, “3-Ways to Take $43 and Flush it Down the Toilet”, but it just didn’t sound right.

Personally, I think #3 is The Best Way….to totally mess-up your chiropractic adjustment.

1. Texting: not much needs to be said about this. Head chronically bent forward is always bad – but right after an adjustment is especially bad. Every adjustment stimulates “proprioceptors” – little sensors in your spinal joints that monitor their position. They bombard your brain with new information when you are adjusted. Imagine your brain’s “record” button is pressed right after you are adjusted; that “record” signal is really strong for the next 5-20 minutes. It will either “record” your posture in an upright relaxed position or it will record it in a head flexed position. You pick.

Take a short walk – at least 5 minutes in length after every adjustment and maximize your time and dollar investment with every visit. Let the adjustments “take-hold”, be kind to yourself.

2. McDonald’s – Harvey’s – or any other garbage. Just imagine, you’ve just received an adjustment, ease is being restored to your body, health is coursing over your nerves – your body is in full function and repair mode. Rebuilding! Question: rebuilding with what? Answer: rebuilding with whatever materials are available. Everything you eat, drink, inhale and absorb into your body will be used as building blocks for your healing and repair. So what are you eating, drinking, inhaling and absorbing?

Eat. Real. Food. Lots of healthy vegetables and meat, a bit of fruit, a sprinkling of nuts and seeds and water. Lots of water. Chances are you are dehydrated.

And probably the most important….

#3. Hit the Replay Button: You just can’t believe your spouse/boss/child/coach/colleague said that to you. It’s unbelievable. Go ahead and keep hitting the replay button over and over and over. Keep reliving it and stay stressed. Your brain does not know the difference between a real or imagined experience. Think about that for a second. Every time you hit “replay” – your body’s physiology will gear-up to the same (or nearly the same) level of stress as when the offense actually happened. This is a very real, chemically toxic brew that poisons you. It does not support health – it creates death.

I know that this may sound glib, but learn to let go of the offense. Forgiveness can be so hard – especially when the offense comes from the people we love the most. They tend to have the sharpest arrows. Think back to why you ended up together in the first place. Maybe their words were never intended to hurt…

Turn your images on!
ps. which of these do you think will be the hardest/easiest to correct? Comment below.

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