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Extreme Pain Since Last Chiropractic Adjustment

Today I got a message from a patient who reported to my assistant, Judy, that after her last adjustment visit with me she was in “extreme pain”. I’m always a little disappointed when that happens, but here’s the thing…

I wasn’t surprised.

Maybe you’ve heard of someone that went to see a chiropractor and they reported something like this, “I went to see a chiropractor once. He adjusted me and my back pain got worse.”

Does this sound familiar?

I’m the first one to admit the chiropractic has had a bad rap for many years, and in a lot of circumstances, it’s well deserved. One of the consequences of people being nervous about coming to see us is that people wait until the last minute to come and see us.

That always leads to more pain and suffering…here’s why.

Instead of a problem being new and acute, people will try various other things without having the root problem corrected. What that leads to his chronic inflammation and scar tissue formation.

Now the chiropractor enters the picture and starts introducing movement into joints that haven’t seen movement for decades.

The normal response is that your body will resist these changes. About 70% of new patients will experience some worsening of symptoms before they feel better. That’s normal. It’s expected.

The good news is that it’s temporary.

Linda came in today and reported that indeed she was in a lot of pain after her last visit. My job was to modify my technique and use an adjustment style that is very gentle and perfectly suitable for her scenario.

Not all chiropractic techniques are the same. Some are very “obvious” and deep. Some are very subtle.

What I did with Linda today is I switched to a very subtle technique and the results were almost instantaneous when she got off the table. She felt a whole lot better.


The take away is this. Don’t wait another minute.

The longer you wait the more scar tissue develops the more inflammation accumulates and the harder it will be to correct in the long run.

Acting sooner means being able to get back to doing the things that are important to you. Things like going to the gym so you can stay fit and feel good about yourself.
Acting sooner means less frustration and irritability.
Acting sooner means getting back to who you really are. Not so tired all the time.

Give our office a call and book your appointment. You can even ask to have an over the phone consultation. Talk to me from the comfort of your own home. Leave your money in your pocket.

It’s time to get some questions answered don’t you think?

I’d love to help even if that means, “just a conversation”.

Give our office a call right now. 613-224-5400. You can also book your consultation or new patient appointment online by clicking HERE.

If you’ve already been to the office and had your new patient exam, then I say “fantastic!” Feel free to share this email with someone you know is also suffering.

Talk soon,

Dr G.

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