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Burn Out? Here’s Why | Chiropractor Ottawa

If you’re a little crispy around the edges and the behaviors of people produce a draw on your emotional checking account, chances are you’ve overlooked the distinction between caring and loving.

As a husband, wife, friend, son or daughter, it’s important to care, but not care too much. Care too much and you’ll produce an “overdraft,” characterized by fatigue, exhaustion and a “is this all there is?” sign of resignation.

It’s an occupational hazard for all of us, especially if you are a caregiver.

But you can love without such burden. No strings. No expectations. No quid pro quo. No judgment. Just simple acceptance and the willingness to honor the free will choices of those who surround us. Honoring their choices doesn’t mean coming into agreement with those choices.

Love is the primary technique of humble servants. It is power without force. It is influence without coercion. It is service of the highest calling.

With Love…But only a smidge of caring… 🙂

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