Ottawa Chiropractor Explains Why You MUST Walk for 5 to 15min After Every Adjustment Visit

Ottawa Chiropractor Explains Why You MUST Walk for 5 to 15min After Every Chiropractic Adjustment Visit

(The best way to waste money at
Crestview Family Chiropractic is to ignore this advice.)

So why is it that I ask you to walk for the first five or ten minutes after every chiropractic adjustment?

It’s a really key step to every chiropractic adjustment visit. You already know that an adjustment only takes me a minute, and the adjustment can be so brief because we’ve done so much in advance to see where you need to be adjusted and in what direction. So that’s why when you come in, the adjustment only takes a minute or so. I say, “hello.” I check in. I already know what the big problem is. I see your x-rays. A couple of minutes later and you’re on with your day.

Everybody’s schedule is super full and so that’s why we have built our practice around brevity. So you can get in and get out and be on with your day.

But why is it that I ask you to take another five minutes for a walk?

Every adjustment, what it does really and without getting into too much neurology is that it stimulates the part of the brain called the cerebellum.

Your cerebellum is the part of your brain that is really interested in balance, coordination, and knowing where you are in space.

So what I mean by that is if you can close your eyes and someone else can put your arm behind you, and then you wake up from whatever sleep you’re in, and you know your arm is behind you. So your cerebellum is what can detect the position of your body.

Well, all of your spinal bones have these little position detectors. They’re called proprioceptors. And your cerebellum is constantly getting information back and forth from your spine back up to the brain telling it where all your spinal bones are. Now when I adjust you, it really sends a blast of information up to your cerebellum, and that blast of information – I want you to regard it as a little bit like pressing a record button on a tape recorder.

So what that does is it’s either going to record your position sitting in a car with your head forward and it’s lunged over. And you will do that if you get in your car, guaranteed. I don’t care how you conscious you are of you positioning. You’re going to end up slouching.

But that tape recorder that I just pressed by adjusting you, it lasts as a very strong and accurate tape recorder for about five to ten minutes. So either it will record you doing this [head forward], which we don’t want, or we’re going to record you standing tall with a good posture and taking a nice peaceful walk around the building.

So that’s why it is I need you to take those five minutes. Invest in yourself. Walk around the building or, if it’s lousy weather or you don’t feel safe walking inside, walk in the front. Or if it’s raining, just walk in the corridor that you’ll find behind our office. If you’re not sure where that is, ask Judy. She’ll show you.

Also if you’ve got a heavy bag or school bag, that is not the time to load your body when you’re going for that stroll because your brain is paying attention to your new alignment. So don’t change it by sticking a school bag on you. Leave whatever heavy bags you have behind. Go for your stroll if you need to, and then come back and get your bag and then be on with your day.

I hope that answers your question.