First Visit

Ottawa Chiropractor : Your First Visit

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Our mission is simple:

To create a custom designed program of care, that will help you reactivate your in-born ability to be Truly Well, Vibrant and Strong. We use chiropractic, nutritional advice as well as lifestyle modification. We also have well established relationships with many other health professionals throughout Nepean and the Ottawa region should your needs require a multifaceted approach.

First Visit – Health History

When you arrive at our Nepean office you will be greeted warmly by our staff, who are exceptionally well trained and were hand-picked for their commitment to customer service. Their first priority is to help you have a comfortable experience. They will help you fill out the initial paperwork, answer your questions and explain our fee structure.

Meet the Chiropractor

Soon after you have filled out the initial paperwork, you will have a private meeting with Dr. Groulxto discuss your health concerns. There is no doubt you will find Dr. Groulx to be warm, personable, a “straight-shooter” and a great listener. He is also a top-notch chiropractor who counts several chiropractors from the Ottawa area among his client base. People have traveled from as far away as South Korea and Baffin Island for his expertise.

Initial Examination

If yours is a chiropractic case, Dr. Groulx will proceed with an orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examination. Every step will be explained and everything will be done with your consent. Depending on the results of these preliminary tests Dr. Groulx may recommend x-rays and a computerized muscle scan, which can be accomplished in our on-site x-ray suite. With the initial examination completed, your first visit will come to an end. Our staff will help you reserve your next appointment.

Budget approximately one hour for your first visit.

If you are interested in getting healthier than you are right now call Crestview Family Chiropractic for a no-obligation appointment.