CCO Council Elections 2019

My name is Paul Groulx, I have been in full-time practice for the last 15 years in Ottawa, Ontario.

Prior to my chiropractic career, I was a Paramedic in the Greater Toronto Area before completing my undergraduate degree in Nursing at the University of Ottawa.  Clinical experience included Critical Care and Oncology.

I love the science of health care as well as the art of combining established research, emerging science, clinical experience, and our patient’s values.

Chiropractors who are elected will reflect their commitment to the public’s right to safe, effective and ethical chiropractic care.

I don’t need to tell you how much pressure there has been in the media to see Chiropractic and other allied professions reform.  Our community of prospective clients is being exposed to this rhetoric on a steady basis and chiropractic utilization rates remain woefully low.

Times like these are trying but I also see great opportunity for us as a profession to mature and prosper.  For this to happen our professional college must keep, as their number one priority, their pledge to passionately protect the public interest through safe, effective and ethical chiropractic care. I believe that there are four ways to ensure this.  Among others,

1. Preserve the “neuro” in N-MSK.  Currently, our scope of practice includes diagnosis and treatment of disorders/dysfunctions of the nervous system. The neurological model must be preserved in order to protect the public interest.

2. Our public messaging/marketing must take into consideration what professional research literature demonstrates even if it does not fit our personal narrative. Rethinking how we promote our professional practices will protect the public interest.

3. A commitment to patient-centered care by ensuring our in-office messaging, procedures and clinical care protocols put the patient’s priorities over our own. This can be accomplished by combining best and emerging research, clinical experience/observations and our patient’s personal values.

4. As a father, I am grateful that both of my daughters had access to conservative chiropractic care. Chiropractic has played an important role in both of their lives. We must protect the public interest by preserving children’s access to chiropractic.

Make sure you exercise your privilege as a member of a self-regulated profession.  This may be one of the most important times in your professional life to make your voice heard. VOTE.

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