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The Best Pillow for Your Neck

The best pillow for your neck is the Obasan pillow (in my opinion). Chiropractors in Ottawa are always being asked, “Which pillow is the best for my neck?”

When I visit chiropractors near me, a lot of them agree. Obasan. Most of us have them on our bed.

I have never been a fan of most of the “special pillows” that are available. Most of the time they are a bit of a “gizmo”.  Plus, what is wonderful for one person, turns out to be the pits for someone else.

Cutting to the chase. OBASAN pillows.
USE PROMO CODE: “crestview” for an $80 discount!

  • Manufactured locally, which is a great opportunity to support a small locally owned MANUFACTURING company.
  • Fully customizable for your style of sleeping.
  • Made with fully organic materials.
  • Zero off-gassing.  (Most bedding materials off-gas for months. YUCK.
  • There is one downside. They are expensive. Starting at $169. Yikes!  But…They’ve partnered with us and are offering a great Christmas special.

If you enter “crestview” at checkout they will be discounted to $99!
That is an amazing deal (full disclosure – I get a small commission if you use my promo-code)

Extra bonus.  If you are a little nervous about shopping in person…they have you covered.  They will drop-ship them to your door or provide curbside service.

Heads Up! Their website is a little quirky.  If you have any trouble you can call them  – they will take your order and apply the $80 discount to the queen-sized shredded rubber pillow.

I know, I know…”rubber” doesn’t sound great. It doesn’t look, smell or feel anything like the kind of rubber you are used to. It looks and feels awesome…and smells like nothing!

Now…go buy a pillow. 🙂

Want to see what it looks like? Watch the video.

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