Ottawa Chiropractor Explains Why So Many Chiropractic Visits Are Required

Are you wondering why so many visits are required?
Here is one reason.

Hey, this is Ottawa Chiropractor, Dr. Paul Groulx. I’ve got another quick answer to one of your questions that I know you’re probably wondering. One of them is, “Why does it take so many visits?” It’s a great question. Again, I know it’s a great question because I used to wonder the same thing too when I first went to see my chiropractor!

Think of the report that we went through and some of the x-rays that I showed you. Recall that a lot of the misalignments and the shifts in your spine away from center actually started (more than likely), long before you ever started to feel the back pain or neck pain or any of the symptoms that you’re now having. It took time and repeated stress for that misalignment to take place, in most cases. In some cases, it was one big trauma. Your spine bent and you were in here three weeks later. That’s a different story.

But the vast majority of the people that come to this Ottawa Chiropractic clinic has had a problem that has been slowly growing overtime. Getting bigger and bigger very quietly without you even noticing until one day, boom, the symptom starts.

When the symptom starts, you might be reporting to me that the symptom has only been present for three months or three days or 6 months, but the underlying pattern of stress has likely been growing inside of you for a long time. It took time and repetition for that to grow to get to where you are now.

The solution takes time and repetition as well.

The truth is, I deliver your first chiropractic adjustment and by the time you get to your car, you’re out of alignment again…but it doesn’t end there. The next time I adjust you, it lasts just a little bit longer – your muscles and ligaments are starting to adapt. The next time you come in, that adjustment lasts just a little bit longer. One adjustment builds on the one before. Then what starts to happen is your body starts to take over and becomes better at taking care of itself, but the process takes time.

As you get stronger, I’ll be able to notice it, you’ll be able to notice it, and we’ll start to reduce your frequency of care. Believe me, you’re lovely but I don’t want to see you in my chiropractic office three days a week or any longer than you need to be. We need to make room for more people in Ottawa and Nepean that need the help, quite frankly.

That’s why so many adjustments are required. The longer this process or the longer this pattern has been shown to be in your body, in your spine, (and it’s relatively easy to detect through the stress scan that you had, how much swelling and stiffness is in your spine, and the changes that we see on the x-ray), the longer it takes to correct and for your health to be restored.

Think in terms of braces for your teeth. How long does it take for people’s teeth to realign with constant pressure with braces? It can take a year. It can take two years. It can take three years. In some cases, it could be the same thing for the spine.

Hopefully, that answers your questions. Thanks for your time for listening. We’ll see you in the next training.

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