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Migraine Relief in Ottawa

Have you ever experienced a throbbing headache, it’s worse on one side, more than the other? Visual disturbances, nausea, a tight band around your head?

If you have, odds are, you’ve experienced a migraine headache and migraine relief in Ottawa is available. Maybe…. It’s estimated about 20% of North Americans will experience migraine headaches. And if you are suffering in Ottawa, you know how debilitating migraines can be.

It’s really important to differentiate between the cause of a migraine, and what are the triggers of a migraine headache. I’ll hear patients in Ottawa say, “I had some red wine last night, “red wine always causes migraines. “Red wine is the cause of my migraines.”

Red wine can be a trigger of a migraine, posture can be the trigger of a migraine. Those are triggers. If they were the cause, then everyone who drank red wine would get a migraine. And obviously, that’s not what happens.

Harvard Medical School has developed a theory for a three step mechanism that describes what is it inside of you that sets you up for experiencing these migraine headaches.

The first step involves misaligned vertebrae in the neck.
When they become misaligned, it creates a pressure on surrounding nerves, and an engorgement of the blood vessels that go to the brain.
Other blood vessels in the brain that are functioning normally sense that the brain is being starved of blood. These vessels expand, but they do so, in an an emergency fashion, and they expand suddenly, creating that throbbing sensation.
Now, as a headache sufferer myself, I’d love to know not only how to discover and reduce triggers but how to correct the underlying weakness that sets me up for this kind of pain.

If you are reading this post I know wouldn’t you love to correct the underlying cause so you can get back to doing all the things you love to do…better than how you are doing them right now?

I want you to consider that the further back you go in the actual chain of events, the more long-term, and the more permanent, the more effective the treatment will be for you.

According to Harvard Medical School, it’s a misalignment of the top three bones in the neck. As a chiropractor, that’s what I deal with all day, every day.

Here’s what I’d like you to do next. I want you to share this information on Facebook or by email. You might have some friends that suffer from migraines and you don’t realize they have them. And when they see this post, they can get some of the information that they need.

If you are a migraine headache sufferer – give our office a call, ask for a consultation to discover if we can help. To be perfectly honest – not everyone who has migraines can be helped by Chiropractic…but most can.

Call us a find out if we can help you. (613) 224-5400

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