Keeping the Nervous System Front and Center


The OCA sent me an email asking me to answer a series of questions so they can better prepare their membership for voting in an informed way.

The first question was, “Dr Groulx, how is it that you set yourself apart from your opposing candidates?”

Yesterday I spoke on how I think this profession can be united.  If you haven’t seen that – go check it out.

There’s another issue that has come up and has become a rather contentious topic in this election race.

That is, keeping “neuro”, keeping the nervous system, front and center in our scope of practice and how we are identified.

The scope of practice states, “The practice of chiropractic is the assessment of conditions related to the spine, nervous system and joints”

The neurological component of our profession is what defines us both in our education and our diagnostic ability.  Our unique ability as chiropractors is the nervous system.

So dropping the “N”… dropping the “neuro” in neuromusculoskeletal…I don’t stand for that for any reason.

The reason for dropping the “N” in neuromusculoskeletal that has been put forth is that it makes it easier to ingratiate ourselves with other allied health professions in order to be able to get more referrals and more new patients.

There’s no way that I can stand for that.

I don’t think we can play both sides of it, remove the “neuro” in order to have an easier conversation, but keep the “neuro” as part of our scope of practice. It is who we are, no matter who we’re speaking with.

I think removing “neuro” from neuromusculoskeletal for any reason whatsoever can be construed as misleading because in my opinion it is misleading.

When it comes to “neuro”…either you’re in or you’re out.

Personally I am all-in no matter who I’m speaking to.

Sober minded, clear thinking, objective. I humbly ask for your vote for this election District 2,  eastern Ontario. My name is Dr. Paul Groulx.

Make sure you vote today.

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