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5-Things I Heard at School Last Friday

An eleven hour neurology seminar last Friday was like drinking water from a fire hose. It was absolutely fascinating. There are a LOT of words spoken in 11 hours. We were guided (not so gently) through two hundred and fifty pages of up to date research.

Yes I am a nerd. I graduated from Chiropractic school more than ten years ago but the education never stops.

With all those words and all those pages I kept hearing these FIVE life saving points;

1. A stiff spine withers the nerves and the organs at the end of them become diseased over time – this leads to a shorter more miserable life.

2. Chiropractic changes that.

3. Most of the studies that demonstrated the clear benefit of chiropractic care were done on people with ZERO musculoskeletal symptoms. No back or neck pain. Think about that one for a minute!

4. ADJUST THE SPINE and especially the cervical spine (neck).

5. Never give up. Your ability to heal is spectacular, if you give your body everything it needs to be healthy.

This is a gross under-representation of what was presented to us but you get the idea.

See you at your next visit.




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